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Another website for tracking your Final Fantasy XIV collections.

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Your collections are updated automatically to reflect any new mounts, minions, and achievements you obtain based on your Lodestone profile.

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Any collectables not visible on your Lodestone profile can be updated manually as you obtain them.

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I'm relying on the community to keep my sources up to date. If you see a source that is missing or incorrect, please let me know on Discord.

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All of the data used on this site is available for any savvy developers through a public RESTful JSON API. You can check out the full documentation here.

GET https://ffxivcollect.com/api/mounts/186
  "id": 186,
  "name": "Demi-Ozma",
  "description": "Call into battle Demi-Ozma─the round mound of spellbound.",
  "enhanced_description": "After concluding that Ozma of the Weeping City was but a preliminary attempt to weave an aether-based simulacrum of the Eurekan phenomenon Proto Ozma...",
  "tooltip": "Follow the sphere!    - X'rhun Tia",
  "movement": "Airborne",
  "seats": 1,
  "order": 144,
  "order_group": 64,
  "patch": "4.5",
  "item_id": null,
  "tradeable": false,
  "owned": "16%",
  "image": "https://ffxivcollect.com/images/mounts/large/186.png",
  "icon": "https://ffxivcollect.com/images/mounts/small/186.png",
  "bgm": null,
  "sources": [
      "type": "Achievement",
      "text": "We're On Your Side I",
      "related_type": "Achievement",
      "related_id": 2227

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