Frequently Asked Questions
Why aren't my emotes/bardings/etc. being updated?

Only achievements, mounts, and minions can be updated automatically based on your Lodestone profile. All other collectibles must be tracked manually.

What about things like Blue Magic spells?

The additional collections on your Lodestone profile are only visible to you, so they are not available for automatic updates.

Why aren't my achievements being updated after I set them to Public?

You will need to refresh your character to fetch the achievements after you have updated your privacy settings.

How are your ownership percentages calculated?

Ownership is calculated based on public characters who possess at least one collectable in a given category.

These percentages are not a reflection of the entire playerbase, but rather a subset of players who are interested in collecting things. If you are looking to collect competitively, then this is probably the data you want.

If you are looking for statistics for the entire playerbase, try Lucky Bancho.

Why do achievement percentages not match the mount percentages?

Achievements are hidden by default on your Lodestone profile, which makes achievement ownership a much smaller dataset. See the statistics below for details.

How are rankings calculated?

Rankings are based on non-premium and non-time limited collectable ownership for all characters. For achievements, this excludes the starting township quests, quests that have been removed from the game, the GARO PVP event, The Feast, Ishgardian Resconstruction phases, Diadem, Seasonal Events quests, all PVP Rankings, and Legacy achievements.

Profile rankings are cached at 00:00, 06:00, 12:00, and 18:00 ET. You may notice a small difference between profiles and the leaderboards due to caching.

How many players are tracked by FFXIV Collect?
Characters with Public Achievements