Name Category Item Own Patch
Tank You, Gunbreaker III Battle Battle Tiger Horn 0.4% 5.0
Tank You, Gunbreaker II Battle War Tiger Horn 1.3% 5.0
Nuts For Nutsy The Hunt Triceratops Horn 0.2% 5.0
Triple Team VII Gold Saucer Ardbert Card 5.4% 5.0
Triple-decker IX Gold Saucer Shadowbringers Urianger Card 2.3% 5.0
A Life Of Adventure IV General Amaro Horn 4.7% 5.0
We're On Your Side I Dungeons Demi-Ozma 17% 4.5
Out Of Hiding Rival Wings Magitek Avenger A-1 Identification Key 2.2% 4.5
Tile And Error I Gold Saucer Doman Distractions Orchestrion Roll 2.4% 4.45
I Found That: Miner VI Miner Blessed Mineking's Pickaxe 31% 4.45
I Found That: Botanist VI Botanist Blessed Fieldking's Hatchet 28% 4.45
I Caught That VI Fisher Blessed Tackleking's Rod 3.7% 4.45
I Made That: Carpenter VI Carpenter Blessed Millking's Saw 4.6% 4.45
I Made That: Blacksmith VI Blacksmith Blessed Forgeking's Hammer 4.4% 4.45
I Made That: Armorer VI Armorer Blessed Hammerking's Beetle 3.9% 4.45
I Made That: Goldsmith VI Goldsmith Blessed Gemking's Mallet 3.4% 4.45
I Made That: Leatherworker VI Leatherworker Blessed Hideking's Knife 3.6% 4.45
I Made That: Weaver VI Weaver Blessed Boltking's Needle 3.8% 4.45
I Made That: Alchemist VI Alchemist Blessed Cauldronking's Alembic 3.5% 4.45
I Made That: Culinarian VI Culinarian Blessed Galleyking's Frypan 5.9% 4.45
Front And Center V Frontline Safeguard System Identification Key 3.8% 4.3
Triple-decker VIII Gold Saucer Gosetsu Card 10% 4.3
Pack Man V The Wolves' Den Eversharp Wristbands 0.1% 4.2
Pack Man IV The Wolves' Den Eversharp Ring 0.4% 4.2
Pack Man III The Wolves' Den Eversharp Earring 0.7% 4.2
Pack Man II The Wolves' Den Eversharp Choker 2.1% 4.2
The Leader Of The Band VI Items Prelude - Long March Home Orchestrion Roll 29% 4.2
Die Another Day III Rival Wings Magitek Avenger Identification Key 4.0% 4.15
You Got Game The Hunt Centurio Tiger Horn 1.3% 4.0
Tank You, Dark Knight III Battle Battle Panther Bell 6.3% 4.0
Tank You, Warrior III Battle Battle Bear Horn 8.5% 4.0
Tank You, Paladin III Battle Battle Lion Horn 8.9% 4.0
Triple Team VI Gold Saucer Lyse Card 19% 4.0
Triple-decker VII Gold Saucer Krile Card 13% 4.0
A Life Of Adventure III General Dynasty Crown 34% 4.0
How Can I Help III The Wolves' Den Faepup 12% 3.55a
Mama Said Knock You Out III The Wolves' Den Hellpup 4.3% 3.55a
Furious Fatalities General Raigo Pipe 32% 3.5
Frontline Fury General Ginga Pipe 46% 3.5
Fatal Feast General Goten Pipe 30% 3.5
I Found That: Miner V Miner Blessed Minekeep's Pickaxe 46% 3.5
I Found That: Botanist V Botanist Blessed Fieldkeep's Hatchet 44% 3.5
I Caught That V Fisher Blessed Tacklekeep's Rod 9.5% 3.5
I Made That: Carpenter V Carpenter Blessed Millkeep's Saw 5.8% 3.5
I Made That: Blacksmith V Blacksmith Blessed Forgekeep's Hammer 5.9% 3.5
I Made That: Armorer V Armorer Blessed Hammerkeep's Beetle 5.2% 3.5
I Made That: Goldsmith V Goldsmith Blessed Gemkeep's Mallet 5.1% 3.5
I Made That: Leatherworker V Leatherworker Blessed Hidekeep's Knife 4.9% 3.5
I Made That: Weaver V Weaver Blessed Boltkeep's Needle 5.1% 3.5
I Made That: Alchemist V Alchemist Blessed Cauldronkeep's Alembic 5.3% 3.5
I Made That: Culinarian V Culinarian Blessed Galleykeep's Frypan 8.0% 3.5
Triple Team V Gold Saucer Heavensward Y'shtola Card 24% 3.4
Triple-decker VI Gold Saucer Heavensward Thancred Card 22% 3.4
The Leader Of The Band V Items The Seventh Sun Orchestrion Roll 60% 3.4
More Inventory Slots, Please Seasonal Events Whisper A-go-go Key 26% 3.35
You Must Needs Befriend Them All Seasonal Events Whisper-go Key 51% 3.35
I Hope Mentor Will Notice Me VI General Astrope Whistle 1.2% 3.3
I Hope Mentor Will Notice Me V General Dragon Monocle 1.7% 3.3
In A Blaze Of Glory V Frontline Aerodynamics System Identification Key 7.8% 3.3
The Leader Of The Band III Items Defender of the Realm Orchestrion Roll 83% 3.3
Ride To The Challenge I Gold Saucer Race Barding 6.3% 3.25
You Are What You Eat IV The Wolves' Den Gloria Ignition Key 5.3% 3.2
I Hope Mentor Will Notice Me III General Expeditioner's Flyers 5.5% 3.2
Triple-decker V Gold Saucer Vidofnir Card 37% 3.2
The Leader Of The Band II Items Ultima Orchestrion Roll 92% 3.2
The Leader Of The Band I Items Prelude – Discoveries Orchestrion Roll 97% 3.2
The Road Of Verminion I Gold Saucer Penguin Prince 8.3% 3.1
A Load Of Verminion II Gold Saucer Shalloweye 2.6% 3.1
Challenge Accepted Gold Saucer Clockwork Twintania 17% 3.1
Between A Rock And A Hard Place V Frontline Field Commander's Coat 4.4% 3.05
Between A Rock And A Hard Place IV Frontline Field Commander's Slops 7.6% 3.05
Between A Rock And A Hard Place III Frontline Field Commander's Gloves 11% 3.05
Between A Rock And A Hard Place II Frontline Field Commander's Boots 27% 3.05
Between A Rock And A Hard Place I Frontline Field Commander's Helm 66% 3.05
But Somebody's Gotta Do It (Dark Knight) Battle Panther Bell 18% 3.0
Triple Team III Gold Saucer Haurchefant Card 34% 3.0
Triple-decker IV Gold Saucer Midgardsormr Card 60% 3.0
A Life Of Adventure II General Warlord's Crown 45% 3.0
Kumite Kumite Kumite Gold Saucer Shantotto Card 27% 2.51
Wheel Of Fortune V Gold Saucer Vaan Card 11% 2.51
Triple Team II Gold Saucer Squall Leonhart Card 44% 2.51
Pedigree Champ Gold Saucer Racing Chocobo Mask 11% 2.51
Behind Enemy Lines I Frontline Logistics System Identification Key 6.4% 2.5
Go Big Or Go Home X Fisher Ironworks Fishing Rod 5.9% 2.4
Bump On A Log: Rogue Battle Master Rogue's Ring 43% 2.4
Leaving A Better Impression I Commendation The Best Gown Ever 41% 2.4
Leaving A Better Impression II Commendation Parade Chocobo Whistle 13% 2.4
Out Of A Bind I Raids Wind-Up Louisoix 70% 2.4
Breaking Bo General Plumed Barding 54% 2.3
A Line In The Sand IV Frontline Flame Warsteed Horn 4.1% 2.3
A Line In The Glade IV Frontline Serpent Warsteed Horn 4.0% 2.3
A Line In The Storm IV Frontline Storm Warsteed Horn 8.1% 2.3
Out Of Sight Out Of Mind Sightseeing Log Fledgling Apkallu 25% 2.28
But Somebody's Gotta Do It (Warrior) Battle Warbear Horn 22% 2.2
But Somebody's Gotta Do It (Paladin) Battle Warlion Horn 25% 2.2
Leaving A Good Impression II Commendation Princely Hatchling 98% 2.1
Leaving A Good Impression III Commendation Partisan's Crown 96% 2.1
Leaving A Good Impression IV Commendation Sovereign Barding 87% 2.1
Everybody's Darling Commendation Gilded Armor Identification Key 78% 2.1
The Greatest Tales Ever Told Quests Chronicler's Crown 46% 2.0
Bosom Buddies III Battle Chocobo Suit 78% 2.0
Destiny's Child Battle Paragon's Gown 26% 2.0
I Found That: Miner III Miner Master Miner's Ring 78% 2.0
I Found That: Botanist III Botanist Master Botanist's Ring 75% 2.0
I Caught That III Fisher Master Fisher's Ring 47% 2.0
I Made That: Carpenter III Carpenter Master Carpenter's Ring 37% 2.0
I Made That: Blacksmith III Blacksmith Master Blacksmith's Ring 22% 2.0
I Made That: Armorer III Armorer Master Armorer's Ring 14% 2.0
I Made That: Goldsmith III Goldsmith Master Goldsmith's Ring 17% 2.0
I Made That: Leatherworker III Leatherworker Master Leatherworker's Ring 15% 2.0
I Made That: Weaver III Weaver Master Weaver's Ring 18% 2.0
I Made That: Alchemist III Alchemist Master Alchemist's Ring 24% 2.0
I Made That: Culinarian III Culinarian Master Culinarian's Ring 19% 2.0
I Got This! Materia Gambler's Crown 60% 2.0
A Fisher's Life For Me: Greater Eorzea Fisher Rod of the Luminary 3.6% 2.0
A Miner's Life For Me: Greater Eorzea Miner Pick of the Luminary 4.7% 2.0
A Botanist's Life For Me: Greater Eorzea Botanist Axe of the Luminary 3.9% 2.0
Bump On A Log: Arcanist Battle Master Arcanist's Ring 49% 2.0
Bump On A Log: Thaumaturge Battle Master Thaumaturge's Ring 43% 2.0
Bump On A Log: Conjurer Battle Master Conjurer's Ring 48% 2.0
Bump On A Log: Archer Battle Master Archer's Ring 45% 2.0
Bump On A Log: Lancer Battle Master Lancer's Ring 44% 2.0
Bump On A Log: Marauder Battle Master Marauder's Ring 41% 2.0
Bump On A Log: Pugilist Battle Master Pugilist's Ring 38% 2.0
Bump On A Log: Gladiator Battle Master Gladiator's Ring 44% 2.0
Let The Bodies Hit The Floor Battle Butcher's Crown 70% 2.0
A Carpenter's Life For Me Carpenter Saw of the Luminary 3.9% 2.0
A Blacksmith's Life For Me Blacksmith Hammer of the Luminary 3.6% 2.0
An Armorer's Life For Me Armorer Mallet of the Luminary 3.5% 2.0
A Goldsmith's Life For Me Goldsmith Gavel of the Luminary 6.7% 2.0
A Leatherworker's Life For Me Leatherworker Knife of the Luminary 3.4% 2.0
A Weaver's Life For Me Weaver Needle of the Luminary 4.0% 2.0
An Alchemist's Life For Me Alchemist Alembic of the Luminary 3.3% 2.0
A Life Of Cooking Culinarian Pan of the Luminary 3.5% 2.0
A Life Of Adventure I General Paragon's Crown 54% 2.0
The Ruby Anchor Maelstrom Maelstrom Escutcheon 48% 2.0
The Mahogany Leaf Order of the Twin Adder Twin Adder Escutcheon 38% 2.0
The Mythril Scales Immortal Flames Immortal Flames Escutcheon 37% 2.0
The Turquoise Cannon Maelstrom Crimson Standard Bracelet 1.2% 2.0
The Ironwood Leaf Order of the Twin Adder Lily and Serpent Bracelet 1.3% 2.0
The Silver Scales Immortal Flames Tipping Scales Bracelet 1.2% 2.0
The Onyx Oars Maelstrom Crimson Standard Earrings 8.0% 2.0
The Sycamore Leaf Order of the Twin Adder Lily and Serpent Earrings 7.2% 2.0
The Brass Scales Immortal Flames Tipping Scales Earrings 5.9% 2.0
The Jade Mast Maelstrom Crimson Standard Ring 11% 2.0
The Willow Leaf Order of the Twin Adder Lily and Serpent Ring 9.8% 2.0
The Bronze Scales Immortal Flames Tipping Scales Ring 8.7% 2.0
Bump On A Log: Maelstrom Maelstrom Mammet #003L 50% 2.0
Bump On A Log: Order Of The Twin Adder Order of the Twin Adder Mammet #003G 46% 2.0
Bump On A Log: Immortal Flames Immortal Flames Mammet #003U 43% 2.0