01. Bajsaljen Ulgasch
Southern Front
More Machine Now than Man (28, 29)
Race: Hrothgar
Age: 54
Birthplace: Bozja

A native of Bozja and leader of his people's resistance movement, Bajsaljen works to free his conquered nation from the tyranny of the Garlean Empire and reestablish the region as an independent state.

In his youth, Bajsaljen studied the medicinal sciences. His academic achievements saw him conscripted into the imperial army to serve as a medic, a career which in turn earned him the rights of citizenship. Such status allowed him the opportunity to marry and sire a child, but his happiness would be short-lived─while the Hrothgar was called away on campaign to suppress an uprising, his family perished in the now-infamous Bozja incident.

A devastated Bajsaljen later deserted the Empire, fleeing his unit along with several comrades, and it was not long until their underground activities brought them into contact with the Resistance.

During his time in the imperial army, he had not been one to dwell upon the cruelties of life. The events of the disaster, however, left him a changed man─few can match the hatred and bitterness he now feels towards his former masters.

Yet even so, Bajsaljen strives to master his emotions, for history has taught him that anger alone will not suffice to deliver his people the freedom they desire. Instead, he focuses his energies upon the newly reformed Gunnhildr's Blades and their sacred weapons, as he leads the fight to drive the IVth Imperial Legion from his beloved homeland.