16. Sadr Rem Albeleo
Southern Front
Castrum Lacus Litore - 2nd Chest
Race: Elezen
Age: 37
Birthplace: Ul'dah

Pilus prior of the IVth Imperial Legion, Sadr rem Albeleo serves under Menenius sas Lanatus in the legion's Bozjan subjugation forces. A mage of surpassing skill, he particularly favors the lost and forbidden arts of ages past, incantations which he is known to practice on his prisoners of war─often with the expected grisly and gruesome results. The utter lack of care he displays for any mortal life has earned him the fear of friend and foe alike.

Once a member in good standing of the Ul'dah Thaumaturges' Guild, he was swiftly expelled by Mumuepo when the guildmaster observed the young mage's penchant for acts of unspeakable cruelty. Chased from the sultanate by an angry mob, Albeleo took to wandering the realm in search of yet more powerful magicks of destruction and summoning. Upon arriving in the province of Dalmasca, he fell in naturally with the IVth Legion and their assemblage of soldiers of various talents, and soon after was entrusted by Legatus Gabranth with command of a regiment of mages. In the fifteen years since, he has trained many in the arcane arts, and with only the most talented able to survive his harsh methods, he succeeded in creating a unit whose name would be spoken of in fear across Eorzea.

Feeling naturally drawn to Menenius and his archaeological expedition, Albeleo was quick to volunteer for the effort against the Bozjan Resistance, and so it was that he came to this land with a shard of auracite recovered from ancient Ivalice...