02. Marsak Apella
Southern Front
All Pets are Off (17, 26)
Race: Hrothgar
Age: 42
Birthplace: Bozja

Like many others, Marsak was a conscript in the imperial army. His duties often took him far from home, and he was thus spared the fate of his parents and siblings when destruction visited Bozja Citadel. Following the tragedy, he escaped the military to join the Resistance, and now serves as Bajsaljen's right-hand man.

In addition to attending to the Resistance leader, Marsak is responsible for procuring funds and supplies, as well as the training of recruits. Where the warm-natured Hrothgar truly shines, however, is in his capacity as a liaison with outside allies such as Hien of Doma or the East Aldenard Trading Company, contacts with whom he has built a trustworthy reputation.

This amiability extends even to the citizens of the Empire, amongst whom he was once raised. Marsak, by his own quiet admission, chooses to save his animosity for the imperial state rather than its people. Although some might consider such attitudes too soft-hearted, it is this gentle manner which sets the otherwise guarded minds of his counterparts at ease.

An avid student of Rostik's gunbreaker techniques, Marsak is also admired for his martial talents, and has earned his name as a stalwart shield for the Bozjan Resistance.