22. Bwagi Ennze Panca
Delubrium Reginae
Race: Bangaa
Age: 48
Birthplace: Valnain, Dalmasca

Bwagi is a member of the resistance group Lente's Tears, serving as their liaison with the Eastern alliance. Versed in the workings of machina, he is also charged with the maintenance of the airship Ia'sar. Despite being a fusilier by training, Bwagi struggled to master the slender swords employed by the style. He compensates for this weakness with his superior marksmanship, which sees him unerringly strike distant targets even with short-barreled weapons.

As a young Bangaa, Bwagi was scarcely a soldier blooded when he fought the Empire as part of the Dalmascan Royal Fusiliers. When the kingdom fell, his unit was incorporated into the imperial army, but he was disinclined to serve his conquerors, choosing instead to embark upon a rambling journey. While he had many a memorable moment during his wanderings, nothing is so close to his heart as his visit to the industrial city of Abdella in Garlean-occupied Landis.

As he strolled through the streets, he came upon a play being performed by a troupe of Eschvan nomads, who were known as much as a source of foreign rumors as they were for their song and dance. The play was a whimsical affair depicting the love lives of ordinary folk, but to Bwagi, who had lived his entire life under a grim pall of conflict, it was anything but ordinary. Even as he was moved by the tale, he was struck by the jovial mood of the city, which had since regained normality following its conquest. This was his first experience of peace, and it proved heady. Taken by a sudden longing, he begged to join the troupe...only to be politely rejected.

Soon thereafter, Bwagi reunited with his erstwhile comrades, and together they formed a pirating crew. But he never forgot the joy he felt that day in Abdella, and took it upon himself to lighten spirits whenever possible. His japes were more often daft than droll, but he persisted and beamed inside for every grin he succeeded in drawing from his crewmates.

Alas, the carefree days of reaving were not to last, for his leader, Ba'Gamnan, would fall under the influence of an auracite. The stone fed upon the battle-hardened Bangaa's burning hatred for the Empire, warping him into the draconic abomination Yiazmat, and only in death was he set free. Desiring to carry on his respected brother-in-arm's legacy, Bwagi chose to lend his strength to the Resistance, and with this decision a grim determination returned to his countenance, where it will remain until such time as his homeland is free once more.