24. Mikoto Jinba
Delubrium Reginae
Race: Au Ra
Age: 24
Birthplace: Sharlayan

An Archon of Sharlayan, Mikoto studied aetherology at the Studium, and earned her mark via her contributions to the field. When not conducting research, she can be seen lecturing at the academy. Through the introduction of Jessie Jaye of Garlond Ironworks, she was invited to Kugane, where she demonstrated her academic prowess in the examination of an auracite. She would subsequently be called to Gangos to shed light upon the nature of the crystal focus, an artifact of Bozja.

Though possessed of a keen mind, Mikoto can occasionally be oblivious to her surrounds; when speaking on the subject of aetherology, she has a tendency to rattle off a flurry of advanced terminology to the confusion of those present. Yet by the same token, she is not easily flustered, maintaining her composure in times of danger and duress.

Like the Warrior of Light, Mikoto is blessed with the Echo, her manifestation of the power allowing her to see into the future. While resembling prophetic dreams and divinations, the visions that are revealed are events that cannot be changed, and given that she cannot see them at will, nor clearly, Mikoto does not regard the ability as particularly useful.

Mikoto has an identical twin sister named Kagura, but aside from their appearance and thirst for knowledge, she could not be more different from her sibling. Where she is calm and measured, Kagura is headstrong and forthright. And though Kagura won her Archon's mark earlier than Mikoto, she incurred the ire of the Forum for openly criticizing their policies and was ultimately stripped of her title. She left Sharlayan in disgust, and has not been seen since.

For as long as Mikoto could remember, she and Kagura did not see eye to eye, and conversations were nonexistent between them. Upon entering the Studium, they both went about their own business and seldom saw each other, and it was not until Kagura was already gone that Mikoto learned of what had happened. Though Mikoto may have had little interest in people, preferring instead the reliable company of tomes, her complete ignorance of her sister's trials underlined their estrangement.

Nonetheless, Mikoto could not help but worry for her sister, and though it was no fault of her own, she felt ashamed for not having done more to aid her. Her anguish did not go unnoticed by her senior Moenbryda, who took it upon herself to reach out to her lest she do something ill advised. Taking Mikoto under her wing, she would find every opportunity to make conversation, be it about academic matters or the mundane. In time, the boisterous Roegadyn would become like to a sister she never had, someone with whom she could share her hopes and dreams and disappointments. Their relationship was the catalyst for Mikoto to harbor an interest in others as well as the world beyond the Studium's walls. Yet despite Moenbryda's encouragement, it would be some years before she worked up the courage to take to the field. Even after the two had both graduated, their friendship would continue, every anticipated reunion seeing them while away the hours in chatter.

So it was that the news of Moenbryda's death came as a terrible shock to Mikoto. Unable to accept her friend's passing, she spent days in denial. It was only when she received a missive from Urianger confirming events that the painful reality finally set in. She wept as if her heart would break, and cursed herself for having helped to create the aetheric siphon. Had I only known what it was for... Had I only been there... For long moons such thoughts tormented her. But one day, she clenched her jaw, donned her traveling garb, and set out into the field for the first time.

Since that day, Mikoto has not shied from venturing forth, and gladly takes on tasks from outside groups such as the Scions of the Seventh Dawn. What matters is that she strives for the benefit of others─as her dear friend once did.