30. Save The Queen
Delubrium Reginae
Delubrum Reginae - Final Boss Chest
A trigger weapon forged by the fallen Allagan Empire, Save the Queen was born from painstaking study of eikons and a desire to simplify and streamline the process by which they were summoned. Such devices─of which this holy blade stands as a prime example─serve as the catalyst by which an eikon may be called forth.

As for how this legendary sword did come to ancient Bozja, none can say. In light of Bozja's military weakness, it is inconceivable that they could have seized or stolen it themselves, and there is little reason to believe that Allag favored the Bozjans so much to have presented it as a gift. A more likely possibility is that an Allagan apostate who no longer looked kindly on the empire defected to Bozja and gifted his new countrymen the artifact of his own accord.

In any event, the fact remains that the holy blade of Bozja, that which could be wielded only by the hand of Queen Gunnhildr, was a trigger weapon─a relic of Allagan ingenuity.

The mechanism by which it is powered is a wondrous thing.

In the days of ancient Ivalice, the crystal known as auracite was worshipped as a reliquary. Come to this world from the heavens on the wings of Ultima, the High Seraph, it houses power beyond mortal comprehension─a power that resonates with the desires of man, giving them concrete form. It was in their quest to artificially improve upon this natural phenomenon that the Allagans did create such a fearsome weapon, which forges the wielder's deepest desires into a trigger for calling forth an eikon. Having succeeded in the summoning, the Allagans then sought a means by which to bend said eikon to their will, and─after much trial and error─came to the conclusion that this could only be accomplished by one possessing the power of the Echo. The discovery was a testament to the terrifyingly boundless knowledge of the Allagans.

In time, Misija─having heard tell of the blade and the tragedy of Bozja's final queen─sought to manifest its primal power, with herself as conduit. Yet summoning alone would not suffice─she required a means by which to retain control over her body and will throughout the process. For this, she would need the power of the Echo. So, with knowledge gained through the Empire's vast information network, she located a Sharlayan scholar by the name of Mikoto, known to possess the gift. Having succeeded in kidnapping her quarry, Misija employed techniques developed by Lord Aulus mal Asina at the Resonatorium to reproduce Mikoto's powers within herself, thus becoming Resonant.

Misija then sought to use the residual aether left in the blade by its former wielder─the woman born as Nevembya Votyasch─and her memories to conjure the shade of Queen Gunnhildr. While these reserves were sufficient to temper the Resistance warriors who stood before her, however, they were woefully insufficient to accomplish her ultimate goal of becoming an eikon. When she learned that a fount of abundant aether such as she required could be found in the ruins of the ancient Bozjan palace Delubrum Reginae, her path was clear. There, with the power of the great crystal housed in its innermost chambers, Misija at long last made the holy blade's true power her own.

So it was that the queen stood before the Warrior of Light, with years of bitterness in her heart, that she might see Gabranth's vision made real by her own hand...