32. Kosyu
Sever the Strings (11, 28)A Relic Unleashed (25, 14)
Race: Roegadyn
Age: 38
Birthplace: Bunlai, Northern Nagxia

Raised in a remote village in northern Nagxia, this capable warrior of the Nagxian resistance is one of the few Roegadyn native to the region. His true name is difficult to pronounce for those not of his clan, so his comrades in the resistance have given him the nickname “Kosyu,” which means “tiger whiskers” in the more commonly used local dialect.

His thick accent paired with his habit of mumbling means he is often misunderstood, and as a result, he does not make friends easily. However, his skill with an axe is without question, and the decision to send him to the Bozjan front line was met with unanimous approval.

His experiences with the Empire began when the invasion of Nagxia reached Bunlai, his home. Kosyu was only eight years old when most of his kin were killed, and together with the other survivors, he fled the village and became a refugee. As the imperials advanced, they were forced farther and farther southward, and they were met with many hardships on their journey. Kosyu's younger sister by three summers was claimed by sickness, and he had no choice but to bury her himself. He swore on her grave that he would never shed another tear, and from that day forth, devoted himself to the resistance.

Although he initially struggled to fit in due to his manner of speaking, it quickly became apparent to those around him that he not only excelled in the martial arts but also had an aptitude for academic pursuits.

His life would take another dramatic turn one year before Nagxia finally lost its war with the Empire. Kosyu was patrolling the jungle when he encountered a mother and daughter, emaciated from hunger and exhaustion. The woman used her dying breaths to speak of the tragedy that had befallen the village of Dagluk. Traumatized by the passing of her mother and the barbaric scenes she had witnessed, the young girl could not utter a single word. Her name was Atori, though it would be some time before Kosyu would learn this. She bore a strange resemblance to his deceased sister, and he soon found himself caring for her as though she were his own flesh and blood.

Eventually, the pair grew to become two of the Nagxian resistance's most valued warriors, and they fought bravely in the battle for Castrum Viride, their achievements earning the acclaim of their comrades.

When the Eastern alliance was asked to send reinforcements to aid the Bozjan Resistance, Kosyu and Atori were quick to volunteer, and their requests were immediately accepted. Their devotion to liberating others from imperial oppression knows no bounds, and whether it be fighting for their home or for allies in distant lands, they will fight until the last.