34. Tsubame Oshidari
A Just Pursuit (11, 27)
Race: Hyur (Far Eastern)
Age: 22
Birthplace: Doma

A shinobi of Doma, Tsubame is among the contingent sent by the Eastern alliance to aid in the battle against the IVth Legion.

Not being especially talented in her ability to manipulate aether, her ninjutsu pales in comparison to that of jonin such as Oboro, but she compensates for this shortcoming with her exceptional physical prowess and skill at arms. These attributes, along with her knack for infiltration, previously saw her assigned on a mission to Eorzea, where she served as Oboro's right hand in his quest to track down and apprehend a traitorous shinobi. In the selfsame capacity, she has now come to the Bozjan front, and lends her covert expertise to the Resistance effort.

Contrary to appearances, Tsubame's relationship with Oboro is purely one of subordinate and superior. And while not overtly instructed to do so, she tacitly understands that her duty also includes acting as a chaperone to the shinobi master, who, despite his redoubtable combat skills, has ever struggled when it comes to infiltration.

Shinobi are often required to adopt new identities for moons at a time in order to gather intelligence; be it on foreign soil, they are trained to seamlessly insert themselves into new environments with no more than a few days' preparation. Yet while Oboro passed all of his other shinobi's trials with flying colors, in this facet of his art alone, he was borderline.

The reason for this, Tsubame well knew: Oboro is good-natured to the core. Deftly as he might otherwise maintain a disguise, his incurable earnestness and sense of justice cannot help but come to the fore. When he sees those in trouble, he would invariably go to their aid, and in so doing betray carefully cultivated personas. Even should it be slight, such deviations from character would not be lost upon the keen of mind and could rouse suspicion.

Yet in spite of his flaws─or perhaps because of them─Tsubame has resolved to do her best by Oboro. For there are worse things one could be doing, she understands, than to serve someone who is good to a fault.