35. Meryall Miller
Attack of the Supersoldiers (17, 17)
Race: Hyur
Age: 18
Birthplace: Bozja

When the Resistance stormed Castrum Lacus Litore, a detachment was tasked with cutting off the imperials' Dalmascan supply line by means of a surprise attack at the port city of Kralja. This joint mission was headed by Meryall of Gunnhildr's Blades. With calmness and composure well beyond her years, she led the operation to a rousing success. And it was because of this mission that she is the only of Gunnhildr's Blades who escaped the influence of Queen Gunnhildr.

Before joining the Resistance, hers was a life not unlike many of her compatriots. Her parents died in the Bozja incident, and thereafter she was provided for through the Empire's welfare system, receiving a standard imperial education. From the first, her marks were far and above those of her peers, and it was not long before she found herself transferred into a special program for promising young military cadets. It became clear, then, she was born for the battlefield, excelling not only in martial prowess, but tactical planning as well. Mock battles often found her the victor, even when matched with the most seasoned of her seniors.

Indeed, she was a student of seemingly unlimited potential, and it was thanks to the red mage Lovro that she would find a focus for her energies. The blending of white and black magic was practically second nature to her, and as her mentor, Lovro would see her aptitude for the art of red magic flourish.

Meryall learned a great deal under her instructor's tutelage, and when he believed her ready, he eventually taught her the truth of how Bozja was being stripped of its resources. How the Empire robbed the people of their freedom. The revelation reawakened a longing for home she had long since forgotten.

Her opportunity to return would come shortly after Lovro was accused of spying on behalf of the Bozjan Resistance. Before he could be made to stand trial, a small contingent of Resistance soldiers launched an assault on the imperials' encampment in the dead of night. With their help, Lovro made good his escape, and Meryall took advantage of the chaos to defect as well.

In their time together with the Resistance, Meryall and Lovro had been nigh inseparable. That is, until that fateful day when her mentor left for Castrum Lacus Litore. Upon hearing the news of his fate, mere moments before her unit was meant to strike, she wanted nothing more than to return to the southern front. She had a promise to keep.

If either of us should be taken captive, we must not allow the IVth Legion to make us pawns in their schemes. Should such a day come, promise me you will do what must needs be done...

It was a promise that weighed heavy on her heart, but she would bear it. For his sake...