36. Lovro Aan Slanasch
Demented Mentor (7, 28)The Student Becalms the Master (14, 10)
Race: Hrothgar
Age: 38
Birthplace: Bozja Citadel

Lovro was conscripted into the imperial army, and he was away on a mission at the time of the Bozja incident, in which his entire family was killed. He later became a spy for the Bozjan Resistance while continuing to act as a member of the Garlean forces.

Lovro is trained as a red mage, and the tale of how he came to possess such abilities is somewhat unusual. When he took part in the imperial invasion of Ala Mhigo, one of the citizens who defected to the Empire was able to wield red magic. As Garleans generally lack the ability to control aether, it was decided that Lovro would be taught these techniques.

Lovro had an aptitude for red magic and enthusiastically absorbed all the knowledge he could. His teacher was a man named Lambard, a former member of the Ala Mhigan revolutionaries known as the Crimson Duelists, who were responsible for reviving the lost art of red magic. He offered to share the secrets of this rare form of magic with his new imperial masters as a sign of his loyalty.

Lovro despised Lambard's obsequious scraping and bowing to the Garleans, but he was resolved not to let his distaste show, and instead focused his efforts on mastering the Ala Mhigan's methods. Once his training was complete, he returned to the Far East, where he took on students of his own at academies in various imperial territories. However, his plan was to only teach red magic to those who bore strong feelings of animosity towards the Empire, that they may one day rise up and overthrow their oppressors. There were also students whose imperial education had made them trusting of their Garlean overlords, but Lovro sought to reverse their indoctrination without raising suspicion, all the while biding his time.

Lovro discovered an especially promising student upon his return to Bozja Citadel. Her name was Meryall, and despite only having fourteen summers to her name, she already demonstrated a gift for strategy, and it seemed she would make a valuable addition to the Resistance. Recognizing her vast potential, Lovro committed himself to her training as never before. Like droplets of water on an arid desert, his every teaching was absorbed almost instantaneously.

When the time finally came, the master and student joined the Bozjan Resistance, as they had sworn in secret. Their talents earned them a place amongst the select few inducted into Gunnhildr's Blades.

Unfortunately, it was not to last. Lovro fell under the spell of Save the Queen, losing all sense of himself and forced to serve as a tempered minion.