44. Lyon Quo Helsos
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Duel: Taking the Lyon's ShareDalriada - Saunion & Dawon Chest
Race: Hyur
Age: 68
Birthplace: Arnsbeirgs, Landis

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Formerly a beastmaster of the IVth Imperial Legion, Lyon was blamed for the IVth Legion's defeat at Zadnor upon his return to Dalmasca, his punishment being a demotion to centurion and a lengthy spell in gaol. Then, half a year later, the unimaginable occurred─the assassination of Legatus Gabranth at the hands of Lyon.

The following information was obtained in an investigation carried out by the provisional government of Dalmasca:

Though Lyon served six months of his sentence, he was able to escape with the assistance of an accomplice within the IVth Legion. Rather than abscond when he had the chance, he instead infiltrated Gabranth's quarters in the dead of night. It is believed that the legatus had sustained injuries in battle with the Dalmascan resistance and was recuperating at the time, and that after an exchange of words, Gabranth accepted his fate before Lyon delivered the fatal blow. The assassin then set the room ablaze before fleeing Castrum Valnaini with his accomplice.

Following the IVth Legion's unconditional surrender, the resistance named Lyon as a wanted war criminal. Though a large bounty was placed on his head, his whereabouts remained unknown for some time.

Then, three months after the fall of his former legion, Lyon was sighted in Valnain by a member of Rumta-Zaraam, an organization─whose name means “the spear in the dark” in old Dalmascan─specializing in the hunting of escaped war criminals.

Lyon had come to turn over the former senior engineer of the IVth Imperial Legion's magitek detachment, Sicinius mal Vellutus, who was also a wanted man since his disappearance following the events at Zadnor. Once Lyon had handed over his captive, he vanished without a trace. The Rumta-Zaraam member who oversaw the matter assumed that Lyon was a mere bounty hunter, and failed to realize he was the man once feared as the Beast King. Sicinius himself was bound and unconscious at the time, and even when brought to trial, he seemed to be unaware that Lyon was the one who had captured him.

Why Lyon would seek to profit by turning in a former ally remains unclear. His bounty has since been raised, but no further sightings have been made.

Though the Rumta-Zaraam allowed Lyon to slip through their fingers, they were able to verify that he was accompanied by a young Lalafellin woman. There is reason to believe that she is Pagaga quo Vochstein, Lyon's suspected accomplice who has also earned herself a place on the wanted list.