06. Blaz Azetina
Southern Front
Scavengers of Man's Sorrow (24, 22)
Race: Hrothgar
Age: 25
Birthplace: Doma

Blaz is a samurai, and direct descendant of the founders of the Verdant Path, an illustrious martial school famous for teaching everything from unarmed combat to swordplay to spear techniques.

The school had a history of forbidding its disciples from engaging in uprisings, adhering to the philosophy that martial perfection was to serve the enlightenment of the soul─not sharpen tools for base conflict. When insurrection broke out in Bozja, however, there were students whose hatred for the Empire overwhelmed their stoic sense of obedience. Those who joined the fight were expelled, and so did the Verdant Path avoid confrontation with the Empire's forces.

Despite being the youngest child of the school's founding family, Blaz's father also chose to rebel against his teachings and lend his blade to the Bozjan cause. In the end, however, the uprising was crushed. Blaz's father took shelter in Doma, where he was to eventually wed, and, as time passed, be blessed with a son.

Blaz, following in his sire's martial footsteps, entered a prestigious samurai school, and mastered the katana at a young age. Some years later, when Hien returned from exile to lead his nation in revolution, the eager Hrothgar seized the opportunity to repay his family's debt to Doma. Once Doma's liberation was secured, Blaz made ready to strike out on his own. But after hearing rumors of the Eastern alliance and the new uprising in Bozja, he knew his road must lead to his father's homeland.

The Verdant Path was experiencing upheaval of its own at this time, with the newly appointed schoolmaster championing the cause of rebuilding the Bozja of old. Blaz was welcomed with open arms, and even offered a position to teach the arts of the samurai. He declined the honor. Though his father had since passed on, Blaz was determined to carry on his legacy. He would join the Resistance and the ranks of Gunnhildr's Blades, swearing an oath to see the nation of Bozja reborn.