08. Aggie Glover
Southern Front
None of Them Knew They Were Robots (24, 27)
Race: Hyur
Age: 17
Birthplace: Martrvje, Bozja

An ancient and diverse settlement home to some two hundred thousand inhabitants, the Bozjan harbor city of Martrvje draws in laborers from malms around with the promise of plentiful employment. Yet despite its prosperity, this haven also shelters its fair share of vagrants and orphans. Whether it be through war, illness, or imprisonment at the hands of authorities, many are the children who lose their parents to unfortunate circumstance and end up huddled beneath the streets in sewers and drainage tunnels. Aggie had been one such child.

She never knew her parents, nor the name she was given at birth. “Aggie” was what the imperial clerks chose to call her on that brutal winter's day when they first found the five-year-old shivering outside, alone and half-frozen.

She claims to have little memory of the time before she was rescued, aside from the taste of zefir─a sweet marshmallow confectionery which remains her favorite food. She has no recollection of where or with whom she lived. Back then, she seemed unable or unwilling to even speak.

The clerks took the silent Aggie to be raised at the illustrious Verdant Path, a school of martial learning. And her transformation was nothing short of miraculous─the dead-eyed, listless child that was taken in from the cold came to life in the company of her classmates. She showed an incredible aptitude for reading and writing, devouring every scrap of wisdom her instructors set before her. Before long, she had blossomed into a young girl full of smiles and affection, her cheerful mood never failing to brighten a room.

Blaz and Velibor were the two with whom Aggie felt the most connected. Determined not to be outdone by their martial prowess, she devoted herself to the study of fist-fighting, and through a combination of hard work and natural talent, rose to the rank of master by her sixteenth nameday.

When her battle brothers left to join the Resistance, she would not be left behind. And there in the muddy camps, amongst soldiers prone to fits of despair or fury, Aggie was once again a welcome ray of sunshine. She became their living banner, a rallying presence on the field. They cheered when she was selected for Gunnhildr's Blades, Blaz and Velibor loudest of all, but she suspected Bajsaljen had based his decision more on politics than merit. Still, she saw no point in provoking argument. Aggie would continue as she always had, fighting the good fight and lifting the morale of her comrades.