10. My Mother's Eyes
The Sil'dihn Subterrane
On the center path, solve the scales puzzle (Helm + Fruit), then choose Nald.
How, in the name of the Nald'thal, did that burglar manage to creep into a treasure chamber sealed off from the outside world for generations? Aside from the gate only my key could open, I saw no other means of entering the ruins. Although considering the prevalence of secret doors and passages in its construction, the remnants may very well have other entrances of which I am simply not aware.

Yet in spite of this mystery, I find myself lingering most on the scrawled note our thief left behind. The first item was an obvious reference to “Nashachite,” which must somehow relate to one of the ruins' many riddles. 'Tis how it relates to me, however, that truly has my thoughts in a jumble.

Nashachite was the name Ul'dahn jewelers gave to the high-quality malachite excavated from the reopened Copperbell Mines. This was after the Calamity, of course, and thus I took umbrage at these merchants using my late mother's name as a means to promote their wares.

And then I was presented with a sample. 'Twas as if the gentle sparkle of Mother's eyes was captured within the stone. Much to my chagrin, I found myself forced to agree that “Nashachite” was the perfect fit for this gem of exquisite green.