03. A Tale Of Dead Men
Mount Rokkon
On the left path, turn Suzaku south and Seiryu east, then touch the orb. After returning from the roof, allow the Shishu Apa to extinguish the lanterns, then defeat Moko the Restless.
Moko was a warrior of peerless skill: a boon to his allies and a scourge upon his enemies. After his death, his armor was returned to his kin, who would preserve it as a treasured heirloom for generations to come...until one fateful morn.

As the sun bathed the eastern skies in gold, Moko's descendants rose to find the armor not in the storehouse where it had been secured, but on prominent display in the gardens, stained black with cooling blood. Next to it lay the corpse of a man─a would-be thief struck down by a righteous spirit, most were quick to believe. The family, however, was less than certain. Who was to say when Moko might rise again to sate his bloodlust? Thus, though it pained them to do so, they placed the armor in the care of Shojo Temple, hoping that its hallowed halls would bring the restless general some semblance of peace.

Far Eastern folklore speaks of myriad kami, and of the spirits to be found in all things. One may assume this concept arose from the countless strange creatures found on our star: from voidsent to auspices, and soulkin golems to elemental sprites, nature's capacity for oddity is boundless. Was Moko's armor, then, an unusual form of a known entity, or did it truly play host to the soul of the man that once wore it? Whatever the case, we can be certain that its exposure to Mount Rokkon's aether only emboldened─and enlarged─it. I find myself thankful that we did not share in the alleged thief's fate.