04. Forging A Legacy
Mount Rokkon
On the left path, turn Suzaku south and Seiryu east, then touch the orb. After returning from the roof, do not allow the Shishu Apa to extinguish the lanterns, then defeat Moko the Restless.
Though Hingashi has its fair share of celebrated artisans, few tales stoke the flames of a journeyman's ambition like that of Nanakusa, whose blades in the image of the Four Lords saw him rise from humble village blacksmith to renowned forgemaster. Having been on the business end of the swords representing Suzaku and Seiryu during our confrontation with Moko the Restless, to their fine and fearsome quality I can attest. Though I have not yet had the pleasure of an introduction to the Byakko-inspired Hakutei, it in particular is oft spoken of as a weapon to rival one of the greatest the star has to offer: the Swell.

Following his rise to prominence, Nanakusa established a forge near Mount Rokkon. According to Mistress Tsubaki, many an aspiring smith followed in his footsteps, and northeastern Shishu has become something of a haven for these masters of forge and flame. Naturally, they revere the kami of fire, and celebrate their god by way of various spectacular matsuri. In the most prominent of these─its name roughly translating to the “Festival of Three Lanterns”─local blacksmiths seek to imbue the works of past, present, and future with the fire kami's power through lighting a trio of specially crafted lanterns. Of course, this temporal symbolism is only one aspect of the number three's significance to Far Eastern tradition at large.