06. Lost To Avarice
Mount Rokkon
On the center path, slay the baboon and defeat Gorai the Uncaged.
Long ago, in a remote village, there lived a devout young woman. Though her fields were barren and her rice stores lay empty, she honored the kami at every opportunity, decorating their shrines with what meager offerings she could until, one fateful evening, a divine being appeared to her in a dream. She awoke the next morning to find a wooden hammer next to her pillow. In offering thanks to the kami that day, she swung her newfound hammer, and where it fell, rice gushed forth from the ground like water.

The gods had saved this woman from hunger and granted her endless wealth, but as time passed, she forgot her humble origins. She grew complacent in her prayers, and lost herself in excess. Eventually, rumors of her extravagance spread across the land, and reached the ears of a wicked oni. He stole the hammer for his own selfish purposes, prying the divine gift from the woman's cold, dead fingers.

As a merchant, my first thought upon hearing this tale was of gil, though one does not require divine intervention to make a profit. I am reminded of my first encounter with Chairman Lolorito on the backstreets of Ul'dah:

“I hear tell that you are not entirely bereft of wit,” he said, placing a heavy sack of coin before me. “Take this gil and double it─I shall return in one day.”

I knew very well who I was dealing with. I turned that profit with pride, handed him two very heavy sacks of gil the next day...and found my fortune, as it were. Had I squandered that coin as the young woman did her own gift, I fear I would have been dogged by much worse than demons.