02. Pride And Acceptance
The Sil'dihn Subterrane
On the left path, solve the ore puzzle (Green NE rubble & Yellow SE corner), then leave the secret area without opening the door.
With a mind to prepare for future explorations, I began trawling through the palace archives in search of documents with even a tangential mention of Sil'dih. For the most part, however, the shelves held little in the way of new information. The only account to snare my attention was that of an Ul'dahn soldier, who had written of his experiences fighting alongside the Amalj'aa during the zombie purge. His report touched upon the different approach his new allies took to warfare, and how those differences impeded their cooperative efforts.

It was said that the undead which flooded the waterways were beyond counting, and varied wildly in individual strength. The most effective strategy, or so this soldier believed, was to focus their efforts on the weaker zombies, and thus whittle the horde down to a more manageable size. Not so the Amalj'aa. When presented with the choice, the proud warriors would always seek to slay the mightiest enemies first. This display of superiority, they explained to the exasperated Ul'dahn, was the best way to wage war. To do otherwise─to begin an engagement with the lesser foe─would cast doubt upon one's martial prowess.

'Twould seem they learned to respect each other's reasoning, yet ultimately fought their battles as their peoples preferred. The Ul'dahn soldier returned to his former tactic, targeting the weakest undead for his initial assaults. An interesting point of culture, mayhap, but a helpful one? That remains to be seen.