10. The Seal Of Silence
Mount Rokkon
On the right path, take the Rokkon Sentinel. Instead of breaking the fence, /ebow before the shrine and place the dogu inside. Topple the Iwakura and defeat Shishio.
Ascetics have long availed themselves of Mount Rokkon's solitude to train mind and spirit, and this day was no different. The breeze was still, the trees silent, and the monk of concern to our tale was deep in peaceful meditation when he heard the rustling of grass. Rousing from his contemplations, he opened his eyes to see who had business of such import as to interrupt his tranquility...and came face-to-face instead with a twisted beast. If its form left any doubt to its identity, the weapons lodged in its flesh confirmed that it was Shishio, king among nue and terror to the smallfolk. Though the thought of ending a life─much less that of a creature struggling, despite deep wounds, to survive─was abhorrent, so too was the thought of letting this devourer of men go free. He readied his holy staff, and struck at the mononoke.

The battle was a fierce one, but the monk had the upper hand. To draw the conflict to a close, he struck his staff into Shishio, turning it to stone. He would go on to found Shojo Temple, that a watch might be kept over the now-silent mononoke, and its seal remain unbroken evermore─or so the legends say.

Holy staves such as the monk wielded are quite unlike those of Western mages. Not only do they hold the particular power to purge fell magicks via sound, their use as physical weapons goes far beyond unsophisticated bludgeoning. Though I sadly lack the skill to make use of such awesome power, I find myself considering more mundane applications. In climbing Mount Rokkon, even well-trained ascetics surely find themselves in need of additional support from time to time. Should we need to scale the peak once again, or should an inconvenient wall or pile of boxes stand in our way, I shall be perfectly equipped for the challenge.