11. Seasons Of The Fleeting
Mount Rokkon
On the right path, take the Rokkon Sentinel. Instead of breaking the fence, /ebow before the shrine and place the dogu inside. Topple the tree and defeat Shishio.
Long ago and far away, an onmyoji found himself bereft of his beloved wife. Years upon years passed, the cherry tree they planted to celebrate their union bearing fewer blossoms every spring, yet still, the grief of her passing remained fresh. Though left with little hope for himself, the onmyoji prayed the tree, at least, might recover.

To his great surprise, these prayers were answered by his wife herself, for in life she too had been an onmyoji, and had left behind a finely made dogu. At his plea, it began to shine with the power of life itself, reviving the tree's withered boughs in an instant. Understanding now that their love was everlasting, no matter how fleeting their time together, the onmyoji too was filled with newfound vigor, and happily devoted himself to caring for the resplendent cherry tree for the rest of his days.

How painful, and how beautiful, that life should be so ephemeral. Upon our return from Mount Rokkon, I could not help but inquire with Mistress Tsubaki as to the nature of Mistress Yozakura, whom we encountered under such inauspicious circumstances. It seems she was heir to the Hanagakure style of ninjutsu, thus her way with flowers, and was in service to Lord Uzumibi at the time of her death. Tokimori added that she had been aiding in the evacuation of those trapped at Shojo Temple, and lost her life to a mononoke while pulling a child to safety.