12. The Ogiseru's Fate
Mount Rokkon
On the center path, after defeating the Shishu Yoko, take the hidden path up the western wall (without approaching the eastern door) and pull the rope. Bring the lanterns downstairs and kill each one while it faces an unlit floor lantern beneath a marked wall section. Enter the Lantern of Passage and defeat Enenra.
The great kiseru is rumored to bring similarly great fortune or great calamity to its owner, but I have seen no sign of it possessing a capacity for either thus far. I can but presume that my predecessors sought to credit their trials and tribulations to a single simple cause in a complex and uncertain world. Still, between the power invested in it by such beliefs and the rich aether of the mountain, it would have been shocking had the kiseru not become a tsukumogami, even were it once wholly mundane. But regardless of whether Gorai was blessed to have spent his final days in the company of his beloved collection, or cursed to have suffered the grave consequences, I doubt the pipe alone was the arbiter of his fate.

Though I had what many would consider an “unfortunate” childhood, I never thought myself the victim of ill fate. On the contrary, I believe my acute mercantile sensibilities to be the product of early hardships─instructive steps along a journey that, all things considered, hasn't been half bad. I might've said otherwise at the time had I stopped to weigh my happiness against my unhappiness, but instead I kept moving, and 'tis well that I did. Whether we speak of tangible or intangible fortunes, it matters not what we have, but what we make of it.