12. Wellspring Of Golden Memories
Aloalo Island
On the right path, decline help from Statice. At the ritual site, before the turtle, say "O wayfarer of land and sea, hear me." Walk around the circle anticlockwise two times, then /bow. Before the sparrow, say "O dancer of the skies, hear me." then /blowkiss. Walk around the circle clockwise, then /dance. Before the whale, say "O messenger from beyond the horizon, hear me." Walk around the circle clockwise, then anticlockwise, then /dance. Pick up the sack after the following fight. Place the statues in the following order: sparrow, whale, turtle.
“I caught a fish with striking gold scales─it's unlike anything I've ever seen in Thavnair. This may be the most precious treasure of Aloalo Island!”

Long ago, a fever raged among Aloalo's infants. In a desperate bid to save their young, the islanders made soup with fish from the waters of the great shrine. The infants' fevers broke, and all who partook of the soup grew into hale and hearty adults who were never again touched by sickness. Thenceforth it became custom to feed all newborns soup made from the golden coelacanth. Whatever inherent nutritional benefits the meat possesses seem to be enhanced by the fish's proximity to the statue of the Speaker and the jewel it protects. Needless to say, the golden coelacanth holds high value as an alchemical specimen.

Although Matsya and I have known each other since childhood, the separate paths we took in life have afforded us scant opportunity to work together. Since the day he found Kalika washed up on the beach, however, we have never been closer─and the adorable bird has been a welcome addition to our fellowship. What is more, I have been able to advance my study of alchemy thanks to the rare fish Matsya has brought back.

I began this conservation record in the hopes that Matsya and any who would follow in his footsteps might benefit from it, but it has become a journal of sorts for this most joyous time in my life. I am forever grateful to Matsya and Kalika both for setting these events in motion, and to Player for keeping my dear friend safe from harm in his journeys.