05. In Father's Stead
The Sil'dihn Subterrane
Complete the right path, choosing Spark at the final door.
The Amalj'aa constructed Zahar'ak when they came to join Ul'dah in purging the undead infestation from the subterrane. And if Zahar'ak was their main war camp, then the old fortifications we passed through would have served as a forward base. The question, then, is why did my parents gift me the means to visit these rusted defenses? In my late father's possessions was a diary which made reference to “irrefutable evidence of the alliance”─mayhap there is more to the place we have yet to discover.

In life, Father was a staunch opponent of the edict to banish the so-called “beast tribes.” Arrayed against him were the Monetarists, who sought to preserve their special concessions and privileges by ousting their competitors. 'Twas with the backing of the Syndicate that they overruled the sultan's will, and forced their proposal into law. Unwilling to concede defeat, Father intended to take the battle to the court of public consensus. His weapons would not be easily forged documents or records, but physical proof of the Amalj'aa contribution to Ul'dah's continued prosperity. Then the “accident” happened, ending his plans to appeal for harmony ere they could truly begin.

Which brings us back to this mention of evidence. I know not what form it might take, or indeed, if it yet even exists, but should a thorough search of that forgotten base provide us with clues... We are on the cusp of brokering a lasting peace with the Amalj'aa─if I can but discover this elusive proof, then the aspirations Father had for our nation may finally become a reality.