06. Ul'dah's Sin To Bear
The Sil'dihn Subterrane
Complete the right path, choosing Fire at the final door.
When that Amalj'aa champion burst forth from his casket, the blood nigh froze within my veins. He must have suffered injury during the purge, the zombie corruption finding its way into his flesh...

The Traders' Spurn was concocted by Ul'dahn thaumaturges, and employed by the reigning sultan during our war with Sil'dih. Sasagan III even knowingly propagated the fiction that it was the Sil'dihns who devised this abhorrent alchemy in an effort to turn their own citizens into undying soldiers. An accusation from the House of Thorne saw Sasagan III later punished for his heinous acts, and thus ended the first Ul Dynasty. His lies, however, would live on to become accepted history.

This deceit was upheld by a desire to preserve not only the Ul Dynasty's authority, but also the standing of the Order of Nald'thal─an institution deeply entwined with thaumaturgical practices. And it can be said that few Ul'dahns would wish to accept that their home was built upon the corpse of a city so brutally slain by their forebears. Yet without a clear view of the past, we cannot be sure of our course for the future. The sight of that rotting Amalj'aa hero was all too stark a reminder: as a sultana of the House of Ul, I bear responsibility for my ancestor's atrocities. And though we suffer for the truth, even as Ishgard did for hers, the time has come to set the records aright.