07. To Learn More Of Myrrh
The Sil'dihn Subterrane
On the right path, take the right lift after the first boss. Kill the drakes in the second pack from largest to smallest. Loot the incense from the hidden room and defeat the boss.
I wished to consult with the Amalj'aa over a certain facet of our expedition, yet I could hardly bring up the subject during one of our regular councils. Should it become known that the royal person had been slipping out of the palace to conduct secret investigations, then my trusted escort would be caught up in an unpleasant storm of repercussions. Nay, I must be discreet.

As such, I approached the Amalj'aa war chief at meeting's end, and engaged him with the usual empty pleasantries─eventually steering the conversation to tribal custom. I explained that the coffin of a zombie-cursed warrior had been discovered within Ul'dahn territory, and wondered at the traditional rites one might perform to send his kin's unfortunate soul on to the afterlife.

Somewhat taken aback, the war chief advised that it was of paramount importance to avoid disturbing the warrior's undead slumber. “Leave the coffin untouched,” he warned. “Stand facing the valorous spirit, and perform a single bow. Offer your respects for a life well lived, celebrate the warrior's greatest victory, and then kneel in a moment of reflection.”

Thus did the Amalj'aa mourn comrades fallen on the field of battle, burning myrrh incense at the culmination of the ritual to guide their sanctified souls unto the everlasting flame.

In receiving his answer, I was suddenly struck by a cavalcade of questions I had never thought to ask. I felt ashamed at my ignorance, and am now resolved to learn more of this proud people's culture.