08. Ul'dah And Sil'dih
The Sil'dihn Subterrane
On the center path, fail the scales puzzle, then select the right lever.
When Belah'dia splintered into Ul'dah and Sil'dih, the division only deepened with time. The history books tell the tale of escalating hostilities; of how the advent of the Traders' Spurn devastated the Sil'dihns, and brought the conflict to a horrific end. Ul'dah would later migrate to the site of the fallen metropolis, where even now the ruins of the past dot the landscape, or lie hidden from view deep underground. Such remnants proved useful when routing the municipal waterways, and so did they refer to this section of the subterrane as the “Sil'dihn aqueducts.” Given that the war turned savage over water sources, it seems to me a designation of particularly ghoulish sensibilities.

Distasteful naming aside, it should have come as no surprise that these old tunnels fed into other vestiges of Sil'dih. And yet I was wholly unprepared to set foot in the royal palace itself! Had the structure been exposed above ground, the wind-driven sand coupled with the heat of the Thanalan sun would have led to extensive erosion. But cocooned beneath the earth as it was, its chambers have been perfectly preserved.

How rare it must be to encounter ruins in such an unspoiled state. It will provide our historians with a wealth of material to study...assuming they can navigate the intervening passages. We must clear the way, first and foremost, and secure a safe path through.