09. Raising The Flags
The Sil'dihn Subterrane
On the center path, fail the scales puzzle, then select the left lever.
When we came across the banner of Sil'dih, so alike to our Ul'dahn flag, I was reminded that the first sultans of those warring nations were twin brothers. Yet the reason behind the design's similarity has naught to do with sibling imitation. In Belah'dia's time, 'twas the Flame of Magic and the Fruit of Knowledge which sat the scales of judgment. Ul'dah took the Flame as its own, balancing the scales with the Gem of Affluence, whilst Sil'dih claimed the Fruit, and set it against the Helm of Might. Each thought himself the rightful heir, and thus did both raise flags depicting the bounties of Belah'dia.

Both included a symbol of strength, but the difference lay in its interpretation: Ul'dah believed in the potency of its magicks; Sil'dih, in its military might. The gladiators who train in our Coliseum are mayhap the closest embodiment of Sil'dihn philosophy.

In fact, reflecting on the encounter now, the fierce gladiator construct lurking in the palace depths could not have been a more apt incarnation of their beliefs: from the exquisite embossment of grapes upon its formidable helm, to the way its gleaming form─the same silvery hue as Sil'dih's scales─illuminated the subterranean gloom. Through all these years did it stand patient guard, faithfully serving a master centuries dead, and a nation long since fallen into ruin. 'Tis enough to turn one's mood melancholy.