19. Misija Votyasch I
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Southern Front
Race: Roegadyn
Age: 29
Birthplace: Bozja

A covert operative of the IVth Imperial Legion charged with infiltrating the Bozjan Resistance.

Like so many others, Misija grew up in one of Bozja's sprawling slums. Owing to an imperial initiative, she was afforded the chance to receive an education, and through hard work won a scholarship to attend the imperial capital's most prestigious institution. There, she studied in fields such as folklore and archaeology, and attained conversance in Bozjan history and culture─knowledge which serves her well in her mission for the IVth.

It was none other than Misija who proposed to the Resistance the idea to reforge the blades of Gunnhildr as a means to resurrect the primal Save the Queen─all in the interests of her legion, whose ends she serves absolutely. Her loyalty can be attributed to two factors, the first being rooted in the deep-seated inequality that pervades Bozjan society.

Since the days of old, the ruling nobles and merchant families of Bozja have held the lion's share of the nation's wealth, a Garlean census conducted following annexation revealing that seven out of ten earned less than half the average income while one in three lived in squalor. The situation improved somewhat when Bozja became an imperial province, but homeless children remained a common sight in the major cities, and Misija's was but one of many begrimed faces among them.

As a young girl, she survived by selling what scraps she could salvage from waste heaps, but many were the days when no food passed her lips, and hunger was her constant companion. It seemed as though this harsh life must continue forever when salvation came in the form of an imperial initiative. A welfare body was established to rescue homeless children, and it proceeded to take them off the streets and place them into institutional care. Yet resources were stretched thin, and more often than not those in need were left to fend for themselves due to naught save the whim of the gods.

Misija was one of the lucky ones, and she did not waste the opportunity given to her. Yet despite her many remarkable achievements, she faced discrimination from the Bozjan upper class, who continued to regard the poor as little more than vermin. Nigh daily, she was subjected to injustice and indignities, each occasion further stoking the fire of hatred she harbored for her betters.

Her grievance towards her homeland did not end there. Though few are privy to this fact, Misija is descended from the last Queen Gunnhildr, and the knowledge that her noble ancestor was betrayed by her own protectors is a source of great bitterness for her.

All of this served to deprive her of any sense of allegiance for Bozja, and she would instead pledge herself to the IVth. Since the time of the previous legatus, it has been the legion's creed to welcome all regardless of such things as race, faith, gender, and birth. What counted is one's ability and loyalty, both of which Misija possesses in abundance. Given her troubled past, it is of little wonder that she would find a home in the IVth, and there is no telling how far she will go to achieve her goals.