25. Misija Votyasch II
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Delubrium Reginae
Race: Roegadyn
Age: 29
Birthplace: Bozja

A covert operative of the IVth Imperial Legion charged with infiltrating the Bozjan Resistance.

Q. Upon joining the Resistance you provided your name and personal history, and we are in the process of verifying the truth of those details. If there were any falsehoods, now is your chance to correct them.
A. It is regretful that the incident destroyed any evidence I might provide, but I swear that the information I gave was entirely truthful.

Q. Why, then, did you betray the Resistance to our enemy? Why turn traitor?
A. “Turn traitor”? I was never on your side to begin with. My mission was to infiltrate your ranks.

Q. You were sent to spy on us.
A. Correct.

Q. And what was your objective?
A. I was to ensure the forging of the Resistance weapons, and the reformation of Gunnhildr's Blades. Once Save the Queen was safely in the possession of the IVth Imperial Legion, the plan was to summon the “eikon” and bend it to our will.

Q. An elaborate scheme that ultimately ended in failure. Have you learned from your mistakes?
A. My only mistake was to underestimate the talents of Eorzea's champion. I knew that a seer's powers were essential to delve into the memories, but never did I dream that the renowned “liberator” would become so integral to the process. Or perhaps Mikoto simply felt uneasy, and sending for her was a means to guarantee the success of our work.

Q. Whichever the case, your operation is in shambles. What will the legion do now?
A. I haven't the slightest idea. And even if I did know, why would I tell you?

Q. As we have discussed many times before, you have no reason to revile the nation we seek to build. It will be a society in which every citizen is treated as an equal, where poverty and bigotry are evils of the past. And yet still you choose to work against us.
A. Altering the course of this country will not be a simple matter of claiming its helm. Establishing new laws and enforcing your ideals will be done amidst a storm of protest.

Q. Who in their right mind would oppose us?
A. Consider the situation from my perspective. The imperials have imposed their order upon Bozja for half a century, but have all their subjects accepted their rule, as I have? Do all enjoy the same treatment? The same standing?

Q. The Empire invaded us. Even if its laws were just, we could not help but chafe beneath the yoke of its occupation. Your comparison is flawed.
A. And I say it is two sides of the same coin. Even should you seize control and attempt to reform what you see as “evil,” there will always be those who cry oppression.

Q. I find that hard to believe.
A. Then you lack imagination. Many folk are shortsighted and resistant to change. Some will prove so stubborn that you will have to kill them before they accept the new order you hope to impose. Even as you plan to kill me.

Q. Your punishment is yet to be decided. A military court will deliberate your fate once the nation has been liberated.
A. A foregone conclusion. Why even bother to discuss it further?

Q. You are not beyond redemption.
A. Do not tease me with talk of salvation. If you mean to execute me, then bring out the headsman's axe.

Q. I mean to save you. We both have our convictions, but mine do not demand your death.
A. ...You are a gentle soul. People such as you and Bajsaljen are the pure stream trickling through the mud and muck which now suffocates poor Bozja. I pray the source of your kindness never runs dry.

This document records the interrogation of covert operative Misija Votyasch, as conducted by liaison officer Apella three days after the suspect was apprehended. Several remarks herein have been flagged as inappropriate for Resistance personnel, and the file is to be stored in the “full clearance only” section of the archives.