37. Llofii Pyr Potitus II
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An Immoral Dilemma (23, 34)Critical Engagement: From Beyond the Grave (20, 37)
Race: Miqo'te
Age: 19
Birthplace: Valnain, Dalmasca

A former member of the IVth Legion's mage detachment, Llofii made the momentous decision to desert the imperial army, fending off the relentless pursuit of her former compatriots and successfully fleeing to the Bozjan southern front together with a monoceros—a fearsome-yet-pitiable beast she had previously been forced to subject to cruel and inhumane experimentation. Upon learning of the fall of Castrum Lacus Litore, Llofii surrendered herself to the Bozjan Resistance—partly out of an odd sense of gratitude to her former foes for the mercy they had shown her on the battlefield, but even more so because she realized that she and her beastly companion had nowhere else to turn.

Llofii offered her captors a proposition: she would reveal to them every last bit of knowledge she possessed about the IVth Legion. In return, she asked only that her animal friend be returned to its far-off mountain to live out its life in peace. As for herself, she would accept any sentence—even death. Moved by the girl's earnest plea and grim determination, Bajsaljen took her in—not as a prisoner of war, but as one of the Resistance's own. “Help us win our freedom,” he offered, “and you may see your friend safely home yourself.”

Llofii accepted these terms willingly, for in truth, she had unfinished business on the battlefield. She could not rest easy until she had freed all the other miserable beasts left trapped at the IVth Legion's research facility and personally ended the life of its overseer, Fabineau the Heedless—for only in doing so would his cruel and twisted experiments be brought to a merciful end. “Will you fight with me, my friend?” Llofii spoke gently to her imposing companion. “If it is not too much to ask of you, that is.”

Bajsaljen swore a vow to the girl that no matter what became of her, he would see her beloved beast returned to its rightful home when the battle was won. Llofii thanked him, then pondered for a moment whether or not—in leading the monoceros into the fray—she was no better than Fabineau himself. Suddenly feeling great shame, she patted the beast gently on the nose and tried to set off for the battlefield alone...only to find the monoceros following dutifully behind her. Though the creature no doubt cared little who emerged victorious in wars fought by men, it did know one thing—it wanted to stand beside and protect the only person in this world that had shown it kindness and mercy.