09. Llofii Pyr Potitus I
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Southern Front
Critical Engagement: The Final Furlong (32, 17)
Race: Miqo'te
Age: 19
Birthplace: Valnain, Dalmasca

A former member of the IVth Imperial Legion's mage detachment, Llofii is guilty of one of the gravest crimes an imperial soldier can commit: desertion during combat. This she did in order to free a monoceros, a creature of great worth to her unit, at the cost of all that she had achieved in the legion, and on pain of death. Such a brazen act may seem irrational to her comrades, but to the young Miqo'te, it was perhaps the most rational decision of her life.

Owing to the inability of native Garleans to wield magic, the Empire seldom incorporates the use of spellcraft in their military, but when they do, as is the case with the IVth, they take a meticulously scientific approach. Employing various creatures from wild animals to voidsent as test subjects, imperial mages study the magical arts of faraway lands and adapt them for use by people who possess limited affinity with magic. As a talented summoner, Llofii was charged with this task.

With her abundant reservoir of aether and precise touch in spellcasting, Llofii was far ahead of her class at the military academy. Upon graduation, she enlisted in the IVth Imperial Legion, where she completed a grueling initiation to earn a place in the mage detachment led by Sadr rem Albeleo. Yet though initially filled with pride, she would come to be racked by disillusionment in Bozja, where she was confronted with the cruel treatment that was forced upon test subjects.

One subject placed in Llofii's care was a monoceros, a rare and majestic beast with the power to vanquish undead beings. Despite her railing conscience, she bit her lips and dutifully conducted experiment after experiment upon the wretched creature, but her blood froze in her veins when she received the parchment bearing her next instructions and read the word: “Vivisection.” It was then that she came to a gut-wrenching realization: the spells she helps to create are born of suffering. Burning with guilt and regret, the Miqo'te made her choice: she would set the monoceros─and herself─free.