Moogle Treasure Trove: Creation

Name Original Source Cost
Hallowed Kamuy The Wreath Of Snakes (Extreme) 50
Albino Karakul 8,400 Skybuilders' Scrips 50
Falcon Fly the Falcon Mount Campaign
Moogle Treasure Trove Event
Fist Pump Moisture-warped Lockbox - Eureka Hydatos 50
The Ancient City Obtained in the Lost City of Amdapor (Hard). 50
Heartless Obtained in Alphascape V4.0. 50
Read 1,800 Skybuilders' Scrips
FĂȘte Present
Ishgardian Half Barding FATE "Vedrfolnir Devoteth" 30
Cavalry Drake Amalj'aa Vendor - Ring of Ash - 120,000 Gil 30
Direwolf Ixali Vendor - Ehcatl - 120,000 Gil 30
Xanthos The Howling Eye (Extreme) 30
Enbarr The Whorleater (Extreme) 30
Dark Lanner The Minstrel's Ballad: Nidhogg's Rage 30
Sophic Lanner Containment Bay P1T6 (Extreme) 30
Wind-up Meateater 800 Centurio Seals 7
Smoulder Available for steel Amalj'ok exchange in the Ring of Ash.
Amalj'aa Vendor - Southern Thanalan - 3 Steel Amalj'ok
Coming Home Available for Vanu whitebone exchange in Ok' Gundu Nakki.
Luna Vanu - The Sea of Clouds - Vanu Whitebones

Other Items

Name Cost
Namazu Neckerchief 100
Ostensibly Special Timeworn Map 30
Spotted Fedora 30
Spotted Spencer 30
MGP Platinum Card 30
Brick Garden Wall 20
Mahogany Aqueduct 20
Giant Beaver Burger Set 20
Marble Alcove Bed 20
Barrel Table 20
Indoor Pond 20
Stage Curtain 20
Augmented Lost Allagan Surcoat Of Fending 15
Augmented Lost Allagan Surcoat Of Maiming 15
Augmented Lost Allagan Coat Of Striking 15
Augmented Lost Allagan Jacket Of Aiming 15
Augmented Lost Allagan Jacket Of Scouting 15
Augmented Lost Allagan Coat Of Healing 15
Augmented Lost Allagan Coat Of Casting 15
Central Shroud Riding Map 10
East Shroud Riding Map 10
South Shroud Riding Map 10
North Shroud Riding Map 10
Coerthas Central Highlands Riding Map 10
Mor Dhona Riding Map 10
Mutamix Bubblypots Card 10
Memeroon Card 10
Mist Dragon Card 7
Ultima, The High Seraph Card 7
Magicked Prism (Job Mastery) 1