The following collectables are available as rewards from the Moogle Treasure Trove event.


Name Original Source Cost
Blissful Kamuy Emanation (Extreme) 50
Tyrannosaur Anemos Lockbox 50
Falcon Fly the Falcon Mount Campaign
Moogle Treasure Trove Event
Magitek Predator Ala Mhigo 50
Decisions Obtained in Deltascape V4.0. 50
Cavalry Drake Amalj'aa Vendor - Ring of Ash - 120,000 Gil 30
Laurel Goobbue Sylphic Vendor - Little Solace - 120,000 Gil 30
Cavalry Elbst Sahagin Vendor - Novv's Nursery - 120,000 Gil 30
Bomb Palanquin Kobold Vendor - 789th Order Dig - 120,000 Gil 30
Direwolf Ixali Vendor - Ehcatl - 120,000 Gil 30
Gullfaxi The Navel (Extreme) 30
Markab The Striking Tree (Extreme) 30
Nightmare The Bowl Of Embers (Extreme)
The Howling Eye (Extreme)
The Navel (Extreme)
Iron Dwarf Crafted by Armorer 7
Salt & Pepper Seal The Drowned City Of Skalla
Southern Front Lockbox
Smoulder Available for steel Amalj'ok exchange in the Ring of Ash.
Amalj'aa Vendor - Southern Thanalan - 3 Steel Amalj'ok
Coming Home Available for Vanu whitebone exchange in Ok' Gundu Nakki.
Luna Vanu - The Sea of Clouds - Vanu Whitebones

Other Items

Name Cost
Namazu Earring 100
Ultima Horns 30
MGP Platinum Card 30
Middle La Noscea Riding Map 15
Lower La Noscea Riding Map 15
Eastern La Noscea Riding Map 15
Western La Noscea Riding Map 15
Upper La Noscea Riding Map 15
Outer La Noscea Riding Map 15
Central Shroud Riding Map 15
East Shroud Riding Map 15
South Shroud Riding Map 15
North Shroud Riding Map 15
Western Thanalan Riding Map 15
Central Thanalan Riding Map 15
Eastern Thanalan Riding Map 15
Southern Thanalan Riding Map 15
Northern Thanalan Riding Map 15
Coerthas Central Highlands Riding Map 15
Mor Dhona Riding Map 15
Fat Chocobo Card 7
The Griffin Card 7
Zurvan Card 7
Mariner Cotton Cloth 5
Magicked Prism (Job Mastery) 1